Denver Botanical Gardens

Denver Botanical Gardens

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Mike's Stuff

This is a list of the things Mike plans to carry. We call it "stuff" because most of it is not needed.  It is a short list, certainly less than we normally have in life.  But even as simple as it is, we have chosen most of these items for reasons other than survival.  It is the most basic lesson of the Camino - how little is really needed.

To Wear:
Shade hat, shirt, pants, briefs, socks, boots.  Total weight = 5 lbs. 2 oz.

To Carry:
Pack, sleep sac, jacket, rain jacket, 2 extra shirts, long underwear (top and bottom), small towel, washcloth, 2 pair of extra socks, 2 sets of extra briefs, 1 set of extra pants, pillow case, sheet, small rock, two small water bottles, belt pack, Samsung tablet, tablet charger, extra day pack, stocking cap, flip flops, tennis shoes, pilgrim credential, ear plugs, toothbrush, small light, spork, credit cards, IDs, small notebook and a few paper items, pen.  Total weight = 14 lbs. 12 oz.

Total Weight From the Skin Out: 19 lbs. 14 oz.

A few details.  The pack is an Osprey Kestrel 38 liter pack. It is a bit larger than is needed, but it is nice to have a couple liters of space left over for bread or cookies.  We have decided to take a tablet this year. It replaces both the guide book and the camera from the last trip, and it gives us the ability to take along a few books - electronic versions from the Kindle store.  It also gives us access to WIFI, and contact to home, since we are not taking phones.

Both of us are taking fitted sheets that are treated with permethrin.  This is in the hope that it will reduce the odds of an encounter with bed bugs.  The local expert says it will at least help us sleep better!

Mike is planning to carry the tablet, and Ruth is planning to carry most of the hygiene and first aid items.  Ruth's stuff will be detailed in the next post.

With all the stuff gathered up, we are both getting very excited!

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