Denver Botanical Gardens

Denver Botanical Gardens

Monday, March 26, 2018

The Camino Calls Again

We will be off again soon.

The weather in Spain has been crazy. The normal rainfall for the town of Puebla de Sanabria is about 2.5 inches during the month of March. That is quite a lot of water.

This month they have received 16 inches of moisture. With 6 days remaining. Unbelievable. We know the trails in that part of Spain will be impassable for most of the spring. So much different than last year's sunshiny VdlP and Sanabres.

Because of this, we have changed plans and will attempt the Camino Madrid. It does have one very high pass, on about day 5, where we are likely to see snow on the ground, and it too has gotten more rain/snow than is typical. But it is a wonderful route, with a very low percentage of concrete or asphalt. So our hopes are high and our expectations are low. We know there are many hazards along The Way. We will remain flexible.

We've had a very eventful year since my last blog post (in April 2017). We were hospitaleros in Zamora in September, and walked most of the GR 221 in Mallorca in the first week of October. I'll include a few pictures of that trip here.

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