Denver Botanical Gardens

Denver Botanical Gardens

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Day 1 - To Aljucen

As we begin a new walk, I (Mike) will be doing most of the writing.  Our first day was a short one.  Just under 10 miles through beautiful ranchland.  Leaving Merida the Camino passes an incredible Roman era aquiduct, and an hour or so later the lake that was built to feed the aquiduct (see pictures below). 

We were able to relax in replica Roman baths in Aljucen.  There is a discount for pilgrims, and massages are also available.  There are three large, candlelit baths with cool, warm, and hot water.  All three are yours, in complete privacy for up to 90 minutes! Seemed like a little too much luxury for our first afternoon on the trail.

Weather: Low 42F High 68F  Windy for most of the day, sunny.
Tip for pilgrims: About 2.5 km past the lake, there is turn off onto a very nice dirt path. The turn is not well marked, but if you find yourself walking east for any distance you have probably missed it.
Line from RA's journal: Wildflowers painted the hillsides in their varied hues, some vibrant, some muted, all beautiful.

Roman Aquiduct
Proserpina Lake
The countryside
Termas Aqua Libera
Albergue Rio Aljucen. Wonderful.


  1. If it all can be this good. Ultreia!

  2. So good to share your journey and your visions of Sevilla ~ thanks for posting . . .Viajes felices!

  3. What beauty! Thank you for sharing the journey with us!