Denver Botanical Gardens

Denver Botanical Gardens

Monday, November 10, 2014

To the Sea

Three days of walking since the Nov. 6th post.  We are finally done walking.  We stood in the ocean waters last evening after a beautiful, long walk on Sunday.  It has now rained every day in the month of November!  But on Sunday the heavy rains hit us in the morning, allowing our clothes to dry as we walked in the afternoon sun.  What a wonderful finish.  We identified with the men from the Lewis and Clark expedition of whom Clark said,

"appear much Satisfied with their trip beholding with estonishment the high waves dashing against the rocks and this emmense ocean." (Nov 18, 1805)

If our math is correct, we have traveled about 550 miles in 44 days.  We rest in Finisterre today, with plans to get on a bus Tuesday morning to begin our travels home.  It will be the first vehicle we've been in since September 26.

We will have two or three posts after we return to Denver.  We hope to share some thoughts about food and crowds along the Way, the religious/spiritual nature of the Camino, and finally some of our personal reflections concerning the trip.

A few more pictures.

It is difficult capture the rain in pictures, but hopefully you can see from the trail...
Our first view of the Atlantic.
We've dubbed this our private beach.
"High waves dashing against the rocks"
Late afternoon at "the end of the earth".
On the beach.

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  1. Amazing journey, amazing blog. Feel transformed in any way?