Denver Botanical Gardens

Denver Botanical Gardens

Thursday, November 6, 2014


Wednesday was a great day to be in Santiago!

With a walk of only a few miles, we were at the Pilgrim Office when they opened at 10am.  Our Compostela Certificates are dated November 5, exactly 40 days after we left St. Jean.  Forty days is a long time.  We've been taught that, when seen in scripture, it represents a long time.  Now we know from experience, it is a long time.

We were blessed to be at the cathedral on this day.  There was a pilgrim who walked the Camino with her father during the last few weeks.  His birthday is November 5, this year being his 75th. They planned their trip so that they would arrive on that day.  As a birthday present she arranged for the botafumeiro to swing on this day (this can be done for a certain "donation").  All of the attendees were able to share in this birthday present, including us!

The swinging of this large incense burner is an ancient tradition, but normally only done on special days in modern times.  Legend says it was used in the old days to help mask the smell of the hundreds of pilgrims who had walked for weeks without proper cleanliness.

We had several other errands to get done in Santiago, so had a busy day, finishing it with a great meal at Casa Manolo.  This is a great little restaurant about 4 blocks behind the cathedral, right on the Camino as it comes down the hill.  We highly recommend it.

As we have planned all along, we are continuing to the coast.  The rain is also continuing, but it lightened to more of a mist for today. We are in Negreira tonight, planning to share a supper of homemade vegetable soup with a couple of other walkers.

Ruth receives her Compostela.
Slight disappointment, the cathedral is undergoing renovation.
The botafumeiro is a large thurible or censer that swings from a rope of about 100 feet in height.
The skies cleared in the evening, giving us a wondeful view of the full moon behind the cathedral.
It looked like RUTH had her own path arrow.  Actually "RUTA" - Route.
A warmer climate than you might imagine.
Two happy but soggy pilgrims.


  1. Hello, Ruth and Michael.

    We finished a few days ago and headed to Finisterre, then Muxia and now today heading back to Santiago. We leave in the morning to make our way to Paris then home.

    I enjoyed your blog. I have pics for you I will send separately at some point when I am home.
    It was a pleasure meeting you along the way, walking and chatting.

  2. CONGRATULATIONS to you both!! I am so pleased to hear that you made it and in just 40 days!! Awesome journey my friends! Can't wait to hear your reminiscences when you return. Until then hugs for you both!

    Lynne (and all the BOLD EEJITs)